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Friday, February 11, 2011

my first post for the year...

da lama da aq mau post s'ting d blog aq yg nta pa2 nta ni... hehehe... so here goes...

4 hr lg valentines day... aq mmg x brapa suka smbt hr ni cos bg aq mcm xda makna lgsg... 4 me, evryday is valentines day, asal'n kita dgn org2 yg kita sygi...

aq lbh suka smbt n'e'varsary & b'day cos 2 lbh b'makna buat aq... & skrg pas da kawin, blh la aq tmbh smbt n'e'varsary pla... hehehe...

so, klu korg mcm mana pla? wich 1 is more meaningful 2 u? personaly?

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